Running the shadows

Subject- New Blood

Posted by Admin- Johnny_B_g00d

>>Your commlink brings up an ARO of a smiley face, eyes pinched closed and mouth wrenched up in a grin. It gives off the impression of chuckling as it bobs up and down. An audio message accompanies it. The voice belonging to a man with a cocksure tone.<<

Morning, chummers. In case you’re wondering how I got your commcode to link you to this chathost and why you’re oh-so-special enough to get in touch with, my name is Johnny Wu, and i’m looking to make a name for myself as a fixer.

I try to keep my ear to the ground, and you all fit my very specific criteria. That meaning, you’re all unknown elements who need some nuyen.

Who doesn’t need some extra bank, neh? Maybe for a new drone, or that latest novahot cyberdeck, not to mention black market cyberdocs and talismongers don’t trade in IOU’s.

So come on down to The Bull Pen, I know you know the place, and ask for me at the bar. This run I got worked out even comes with good feels attached.

I can wait. The waitresses love me.


lil_don_antonio lil_don_antonio

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