Johnny Wu


The man to know

You need guns? I know someone. Need drugs? I hope you kick the habit, omae, but I got know someone for that too. Don’t wanna settle for some used drek chrome pulled out of some sorry sack that got geeked by Lone Star? Never need to with me around. You see, anyone worth knowing in Redmond, drek, the better part of Seattle, I can get you in touch with… and most of them won’t shoot when they hear my name, honest.



I’ll be writing this entry.

Johnny was born with a rusted silver spoon in his mouth. Third generation SINless, and grandson to the Redmond Barrens guardian angel, Nai Nai. Kid grew up running around as a barback and pranking go-ganger’s wheels, he grew up around runners, with a head for legwork and connections. Thing is- he’s got brass where it counts, but he never learned to watch his own back (read that?) good enough to run in the shadows.

Clumsy with a gun, useless with a deck, and more mundane than black soykaf, Johnny always had one saving grace- you just can’t hate the kid. Something about him keeps me from choking the life out of him for bugging my waitresses. If this kid puts his head to it, he can be one hell of a fixer for a crew.


Touching as that was, who gave you access to my chathost?

Johnny Wu

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