Angelo "_L4G" Huertéz


“Charming, handsome, and rich; a typical Rico Suave. You’d never guess this guy could know his way around a cyberdeck the way he does.”


The classic story of a good kid gone bad. Angelo was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Youngest child to the legendary Huertéz family of Seattle, Angelo always felt like he didn’t fit in. While his family mostly cared about tradition, status and numbers, Angelo cared more about cyberdecks. As the distance between himself and his family grew and he became the black sheep of the family, he would come to find not only that he enjoyed his cyberdeck; He was also REALLY good with it.

Falling into the hacker crowds and subculture during his teenage years, Angelo spent most of his time on the Matrix. His family laughing it off as just a phase, Angelo would spend most of his nights cracking into things, seeing what he could dig up. His curiousity (or compulsions) would often get the better of him, his friends inventing his handle, “_L4g”, for oftentimes he would unnecessarily crack into encrypted files just because he “needed to know what was in them” and taking far longer than he should. His family would mock him when he requested they call him that in real life. Lesson learned, he would never bring it up to anyone again. Lurking from the shadows was more his style anyway.

As he was beginning to make a name for himself, his family began to resent all of his cyber-nonsense. He was making the regal Huertéz name look bad. They would become the laughingstock of their social circles, having the “odd son who never comes out of his room”. Many nights were spent arguing and demanding Angelo to find another normal hobby, but it would be to no avail. Try as they might, they would never get him to stop. This would fuel their bitter resentment which would ultimately come to a head.

After a long night of exploring the dark parts of the net, Angelo stumbled upon something encrypted somewhere he most definitely was not supposed to be. Unsure of how he got here after his bender of a night, he opened it revealed a jackpot; a treasure trove of pictures of national world wide celebrities naked and in risque positions, along with chat-logs, emails, and even a compromising video of a government official. He began downloading as quickly as he could. He couldn’t believe it. His skin was trembling. His palms were sweaty. He was sitting on a goldmine.

They called it “The Second Cumming”. He began slowly releasing them on the Matrix. Each with his own handle in the corner, so that people would know they were legitimate. The images spread like wildfire. News broadcasts all over the world flooded with his work, but of course, he was safe. He took every precaution, followed everything by the book. He had become a Matrix celebrity overnight and if they hadn’t heard of him, they had definitely seen his work.

His family watched in horror as business associates and friends of theirs alike were publicly humiliated in front of the world. That was when they noticed the handle in the corner. The name that was in the back of their minds until erupting into a righteous fury.

It was around 11am on a Saturday when the SWAT team bursted through his door.

As they carried him out of his family home in cuffs, his family stood near the front door. A few had smirks on their faces; with him gone, the ugly stain on their family would wash away. The others looked solemn, with his father giving a stern, cold look peering straight into his soul. He shook his head, and requested that Angelo “never darken their doorstep with his face again”.

Angelo was incarcerated and served a lengthy yet fair sentence for his crimes. His family would never speak to him again. His hacker friends would slowly drift away from him too, his only “friend” being a blogger fangirl of his. When they asked him why he did it, he paused for a moment, mulling it over, and then simply gave a shrug, then replying he thought it “would be funny”. The tabloids had a field day with that one.

Being in prison did have its benefits, though. While he was naturally good looking, being inside gave him social skills; he learned how to talk and deal with people. He became so good at it, it was almost as if he became a different person than when he went first went in. He could negotiate a deal and smooth talk you into giving him MORE. He found he was even beginning to remind himself of his old man.

When he was released Angelo went straight for his bank; Angelo wasn’t stupid and thankfully hid some money away from his “Second Cumming” days, selling some rarer gems for some cash and stowing them away. Ex-con life proved tough, with no one willing to legitimiately hire him. He slowly but surely ran out of money as fast as he found it. The only thing left that he could do was something so dishonorable that he was sure his family would definitely never speak to him again.

With his brand new cyberdeck and optics in place, he set out to become a Shadowrunner. . .

Angelo "_L4G" Huertéz

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