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  • The Crew

    [[:l4g | Angelo "_L4G" Huertéz]] [[:sarai | Sarai "Rai0rai" O'Reilly]] [[:wormwood | Wormwood]]

  • Angelo "_L4G" Huertéz

    The classic story of a good kid gone bad. Angelo was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Youngest child to the legendary Huertéz family of Seattle, Angelo always felt like he didn't fit in. While his family mostly cared about tradition, status and …

  • Wormwood

    Name: Thirneir Irin'drayr, Race: Elven, Age:29, Height: 5'12", Eye Color: Green, Hair Color: Dirty blonde with a glowing neon green streak on the left side of the top of his head, Hometown: Portland(Cara'Sir) Next of kin: Wife; Vana'salar Irin'drayr( …

  • Sarai "Rai0rai" O'Reilly

    Sarai was never sure why her father moved from the Tir to Seattle, but she suspected it was to be with her mother. Donall O'Reilly was a private man, even with his only daughter. He also never told her why mom left, and didn't keep any pics or trids …