The Shadows

Your new home in Seattle is China Street, I grew up on this block and there isn’t a better shadow community in the city. The Wu family(cough cough wink wink) has gone to great lengths to ensure this part of the city stays safe from cops and gangers alike.

Now, we can’t keep out the organized crime(other than the cops, that is! Oh, I kill me.), so we tolerate Big Beuaty’s BTL operation she handles for the Tri-Maf, but The Black Forest and Yakuza keep away and those are the real termites that will chew down the foundation, and the foundation is concrete, so that’s saying something.

On the whole though we have one rule- Community First. Not that for the greater good drek, or the needs of the many, movie machismo nonsense. I’m talking simple- Look out for your own, and the second you started making contacts on this block, well, that was the second you become one of us.

I mean this omae- Welcome to the family.

The Shadows

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