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    h3. Organized Crime [[Tri-Maf]] [[Yakuza]] [[The Black Forest]] h3. Law Enforcement [[Lone Star]] [[Knights Errant]] h3. Gangers and other scum

  • Tri-Maf

    h2. _"Don't mess with the families, dong ma?"_ Pop quiz- What do you get when an Irish weapons trafficker, Italian "entrepreneur", and a drug queen from China work together? You get friend's geeked, every business in the neighborhood extorted, and then …

  • Yakuza

    h2. Bad attitudes. Bad Tattoos. Best tech on the market. Only one thing needs to be said- *Don't.* *Fuck.* *With.* *Tatsuhiro Ito.* Geek his men, geek his dog, hell, mess with his business, but don't even think of getting your blood on his shoes …