“Don’t mess with the families, dong ma?”

Pop quiz- What do you get when an Irish weapons trafficker, Italian “entrepreneur”, and a drug queen from China work together? You get friend’s geeked, every business in the neighborhood extorted, and then everyone getting crammed full of cram to feel better about it.

The Flannigans, the Caperellis, and the Zhou Fu Triad decided to take a page out of the corps books and work together. These fraggers are smart, ruthless, and have the means to back it up. Typically they’re at the Yakuza’s throats, but lately the non-aggression pact between the two has given them all sorts of time to reassert their hold on the barrens.

Point of advice, if you work for the Tri-Maf, be polite, and never make them look bad. Reputation means alot on the streets.


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